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gori-uplistsixe-ateni sioni

gori-uplistsixe-ateni sioni

100€ per person

Route – Tbilisi – Gori – Uplistsikhe – Ateni Sioni Church – Tbilisi
Duration –    7-8  hours.    Start time   10:00 –   End time 18:00
Transport – Comfortable bus, minibus, car
Excursion Highlights:
Uplistsikhe is an ancient rock-hewn town. It dates back to the 1st millennium BC. The town used to be a place where the foreman of Inner Kartli resided. This is why the place is called Uplistsikhe, meaning a lord’s fortress. Nowadays Uplistsikhe is one of the most significant tourist attractions. There are caves of different sizes and types. In 3-4rd centuries BC, the settlement grew into a strategic town. At the summit of the complex is a Christian basilica. Some other attractions of the site are fragments of roads carved in stone, defensive stitches and secret tunnels.
J.Stalin State Museum is located in Gori. There are many unique exhibits displayed in the museum: memorial materials, gifts, paintings, photos, film related documents and other historical works. Museum complex includes: a memorial house, two-storey exhibition building and Stalin’s private carriage.
Ateni Sioni Church is an early 7th-century Georgian Orthodox church some 10 km south of Gori. It stands in a setting of the Tana River valley known not only for its historical monuments but also for its picturesque landscapes and wine. The name “Sioni” derives from Mount Zion at Jerusalem. Sioni is a cruciform domed church (24X19.22 m.) with the facade furnished with carved quadrangle greenish-gray stones, rich decorated ornaments and relief. The church is an imitation of the earlier Jvari Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Mtskheta, Georgia.
Tour package price:
Number of tourists 2 6
Price per person 60EUR 35EUR

The price includes:
Transportation services

Russian/English-speaking guide

Meals – 1 Times (Dinner)

2 კაციანში 1 კაცი ჯდება 40 და 6 კაციანში 20

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